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Welcome to the Bright Choices® Exchange - A better way to buy benefits

We recommend you always use the latest version of whatever browser you choose, as you’ll be better protected when it comes to online security. We want you to be sure you’re giving us your health and other information safely. If you use an older

Liazon – A Private Benefits Exchange Company » How it Works

helps employees easily select a benefits portfolio that meets their coverage needs. With robust, simple to use decision-support tools and educational materials, Bright Choices is there for employees, all year round.

Liazon – A Private Benefits Exchange Company » Why Bright Choices

Bright Choices is a true benefits marketplace, not just a benefits administration platform with a shopping cart. That means we have the carrier relationships, technology, and service to give you a complete private exchange solution.

Bright Choices Liazon. Welcome to the Bright Choices® Exchange - A better way to bu...

brightchoices.liazon.com analyzed: Bright Choices combined with a defined contribution strategy helps control benefits cost and offer employees more choices.

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Welcome to Bright Choices, where you’ll shop for your benefits. With Bright Choices, you complete your enrollment online. You choose a health plan and a variety of other valuable benefit options for yourself and any family members.  Once the

Welcome to the Bright Choices® Exchange - A better way to buy benefits

Welcome to the Bright Choices® Exchange - A better way to buy benefits HUB International Register Your Account To get started, you'll need to enter some personal information. This helps us identify you and registers your account. Please check


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