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Banners Broker Scammers Plead Guilty - Ethan Vanderbuilt

Smith and Dixit pleaded guilty to operating a pyramid scheme under the Competition Act.

11 Things You Should Know About Banners Broker | Truth In Advertising

Legitimate company or illegal pyramid scheme?

Police announce arrests in $93 million Banners Broker pyramid scheme | The Star

There are victims of the scheme worldwide, but the operation was being run from Toronto, police say.

TARA TALKS: Banners Broker SCAM

'On April 27th 2017 Smith and Dixit pleaded guilty to operating a pyramid scheme under the Competition Act. The two principles have received conditional sentences whereby they will serve two years less a day in the community and will be required

Banners Broker Scam review - Legit Work Online, For REAL

Is Banners Broker legit, or just another complete scam? Find out today!

BULLETIN: 2 Arrested In Alleged ‘Banners Broker’ Pyramid Scheme

They have been charged with Defrauding the Public of Over $5000, Possession of the Proceeds of Crime, Laundering the Proceeds of Crime, Operating a Pyramid-Selling Scheme and Making False or Misleading Representations under the Competition Act,

Info For People Caught Out By The Banners Broker Scam

I'm assuming that there are people within the WA Community who, like me, were unwittingly sucked into the Banners Broker Ponzi Scam a few years back. Hopefully we've all put it behind us as a bad experience.