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Below is Assistantd Wants To Use The Login Keychain Official Portal. You will be able to manage your account,pay bill, receive transfers and more.

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just so folks don't go rebuilding their systems in a panic, this "assistantd" message relates to the Dictation functionality - enabled on a laptop by hitting the "fn" key twice - that allows one to speak into an app like TextEdit and have it

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, your Mac might ask you to update your keychain password or enter the password of your login keychain. It might also tell you that the system was unable to unlock your login keychain. That's because your login keychain is still using your old

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About two weeks ago I changed my Apple ID. When I re-signed into iCloud, I went ahead and turned on Keychain, which I had not been using in the past on my...

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on Mac OS X is related to the new dictation functionality. Dictation on Mac OS X 10.8 uses Contacts and other personal information to improve accuracy; gaining access to this information would explain the need for Keychain access.

Fixing a ‘Login Keychain Password’ Error in OSX - The New York Times

If Apple’s password-management program for the Mac is constantly popping up alerts, you probably have some updating to do.

What Are assistant_service and assistantd, and Why Are They Running on my Mac?

You might have noticed assistantd and assistant_service while using Activity Monitor and wondered what they are. Well, don’t panic: these process are both part of macOS, and help make features like Si

What is 'assistantd' on my Mac, why does it need to be told my Facebook password, and why does it ask so insistently? - Quora

assistantd is associated with the Siri agent on your Mac. I assume Facebook or some plugin is requesting it so that Siri can manage it; I’ve never had it do that for me. It could also be malware in your browser. It’s likely trying to access