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[O levels] SAJC vs ACJC : SGExams

hiii so i'm sec 4 and just left the bio mcq on monday and am already thinking what is gonna happen next so i heard many are stuck between these 2...

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Sajc asknlearn - eightology.blogspot.com

JJC/PRELIM 2009/P1/Q2020.

JJC/PRELIM 2009/P1/Q2020. The structure of compound X is given below.Compound XHow many new chiral centers will be formed when Compound X is completelyhydrogenated over a nickel catalyst?ABCD2367JJC/PRELIM 2009/P1/Q2121. When ethene reacts with


ethanolheatHot KMnO 4 (aq), H 3 O +ABKOH(aq) Hot KMnO 4 (aq), H 3 O +H 2 NCO(CH 2 ) 3 CHClCH 3heatCCH 3 CH(OH)(CH 2 ) 3 CH 2 ClNaOH(alcohol)HeatHot KMnO 4 (aq), H 3 O +CH 3Hot KMnO 4 (aq), H 3 O +D© SAJC Chemistry Unit 2009 80