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Factoring for Trucking, Trucking Company Startup Services, Fuel Cards for Truckers, Apex does it all. We're a Full-Service Factoring Company for Truckers.

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Apex AMP is available to for factoring clients 24/7/365. Learn what reports and money saving features you can access with your Apex factoring account.

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Ready to start factoring your freight bills with Apex? Start your factoring application here to be on your way to getting paid faster!

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Learn more about the Apex Mobile Factoring App, the best factoring app for truckers to manage their business on the go. Sign up for a free trial account and get 5 free credit checks today.

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Apex Capital Corp is located in Fort Worth, Texas. We'd love to hear from you! There are a bunch of ways you can contact Apex and we're looking forward to helping any way we can.

Freight Factoring for Trucking Companies | Apex Capital Factoring

Freight factoring provides fast cash for trucking companies. At Apex, our freight factoring services offer better options, solutions, & legendary service.

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Apex Capital is the smartest way to turn your freight bills into cash. No matter the challenges you face as a trucking company, Apex Capital can provide the solutions you need to keep your business gr